“A man with a gun” call for the Union County Sheriff’s office

October 7th, 2015     General News

Union County law enforcement received the dreaded “man with a gun” call this morning, and was, thankfully, able to deal with it successfully in a non-violent approach.

About 11:00 AM the Sheriff’s department received a call from the distraught daughter of a “man with a gun.” The man, known to the Sheriff’s office from previous calls, was said to be in possession of a gun and threatening “to kill somebody today.”

Though the man had reportedly shot at other houses near his County Road 50 home, the Sheriff went into the scene in a cautious and low-key manner, having been told that the would-be shooter was a patient known to be currently “off of his medication.” Sheriff Jimmy Edwards dealt with the man through the man’s frightened daughter, who was on her cell phone and in the house with her disturbed father. He used a plan appropriate to the situation.

The man’s immediate weapon of choice was a 22, but he was also known to be in possession of a high-powered rifle and a shotgun.

Sheriff Edwards quickly put a plan into action, prudently setting up a staging site at a distance from the man’s home where deputies and an ambulance were held at the ready. He then proceeded to cautiously “talk the man down” by using the daughter as a go-between.

The situation was defused and brought to a successful conclusion without the need of weapons, thanks to the Sheriff’s abilities and to the daughter’s cooperation.

By about 11:45 AM, the would-be shooter had been disarmed, arrested and transported to a facility for mental health assessment.

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