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June 29th, 2015     Opinion

Alphonzo Rachel is not unique, but he is rare. He is a black man who is becoming famous for his out-of-the-box brand of social/political thinking and humor, most specifically the ZoNation videos on PJTV.com.  A musician, and the founder of Macho Sauce Productions (producing “right-minded entertainment”), he is swimming up-stream along with a few other conservative blacks, working to “awaken” their community to the sources and dangers of what they call “institutionalized dependency.”  A Republican who holds Lincoln and Frederick Douglas in high esteem, Rachel wants Republicans to “reclaim the party roots that the Democrats have worked to cheat us of.” He further argues, “The problem is not Republican principals. The problem is unprincipled Republicans.”

The following opinion piece addresses the issue of the Confederate battle flag being flown by a state government. We do not endorse his arguments or agree with all he says, but his is a unique voice:


“People who say, ‘I don’t agree with what the Confederate battle flag stands for, but I agree with keeping it up,’ remind me of people who say, ‘I don’t agree with abortion, but support a woman’s “right” to choose.

“I’m so disappointed with anybody who votes Republican who gives the Confederate flag any sympathy. That flag was born and flown by Democrats in battle to kill Republicans. Why? Because of States rights? Yeah, the states right to deny others of their God-given rights.

“The Confederacy was represented by Democrats. The Democrats have long gotten deep into the heads of too many blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and women. And if you’re a Republican and you’re sympathizing with that flag, then the Democrats have gotten in your head, too.  And, like the aforementioned, you can fool yourself and pretend that they haven’t got any influence over you. Cause I get it. You’re a real rebel.

“Please do not try to sell that flag on me. Please do not come around me, or my page, with that flag. I get so sick of (Thank God, this does not happen often) when people who vote Republican ask me, ‘Zo. How can we get the conservative message into the black community?’  Meanwhile, they’ve got images of the Confederate flag.  ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!!

“It’s hard enough to try to promote conservatism!!! And you want me to mediate for you while you’re standing with a Confederate battle flag??? Are you nuts!? I thought we were supposed to be the party of common sense?! This not only sabotages my work, it sabotages conservatism, the Republican party, and national unity. If this offends you, I’m sorry, but it just goes to show how selfish you are by keeping that flag up, because you obviously don’t care about the offense it represents.

“And don’t give me some noise about slavery being under the stars and stripes. Slavery was also ended under the stars and stripes, while Democrats fought to keep slavery going under the Confederate flag. I don’t agree that there was a party switch, but I do agree the Republican party is far from its founding. Why am I still Republican? Because the Democrats would love nothing more than for me to stop being one. They used to dress up in hoods and sheets to keep blacks from voting Republican. I’m not interested in giving them the satisfaction. I’d rather try to hold to what the party was about in the spirit of Lincoln and Frederick Douglas, when it had guts to stand up against the Democrats, in total opposition to what their war banner stood for.

“If you wanna sport that flag, that’s on you. Just please keep it away from me. Don’t come around my page with it in your avatar and what not. I can handle people misappropriating the terms “Uncle Tom, sell out, coon, boot licking house n**ger, etc.” at me for being a Christian conservative Republican, ’cause at least I know I’m in a right place with my faith and patriotism. But Hell to the no, if I’m gonna be called that stuff over the Democrat born Confederate battle flag.

“You don’t have to worry about me being among those demanding it be banned from stores or from your private property, etc. But a state itself should not fly the flag. Why? Simple. It is a battle flag. Hellooooo. It is a flag that represented a constitution that was contrary to our own, and was flown in battle against our republic, and it’s standing on our own soil. That’s where it stops, if you ask me.”



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