“Active shooter” exercise conducted at hospital

New Albany MS active shooter exercise
Some of the local law enforcement officers participating in the "active shooter" drill Thursday morning are shown in this photo. Left to right are Union County Emergency Management Director Curt Clayton, Union County Deputy Sheriff Keith Mask, Deputy Sheriff Brian Carpenter, New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson, Deputy Sheriff Chris Chappell, Deputy Sheriff Baron Baker and Deputy Sheriff Chris Whiteside.
September 6th, 2019     Organizations, Misc.

Several state and local law enforcement agencies conducted a practice “active shooter” exercise Thursday morning, Sept. 5, at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Union County in New Albany.

At no time was there any actual danger to people in the hospital. However, hospital staff and the patients they care for took the same security precautions that should be taken if there had, in fact, been a threat from a hostile shooter with a firearm on the campus.

New Albany MS Baptist hosp active shooter drill

Officers located and apprehended suspect during active shooter drill

The likelihood of an actual threat from an active gunman is statistically low at Baptist-Union County or other community hospitals. However, hospitals, especially emergency departments, routinely deal with individuals who are upset because of injuries or illnesses experienced by family and friends.

Those situations are regularly handled and defused without violence, by the hospital’s own security department.

Members of Baptist’s own security staff worked with officers from various state and local organizations.  The Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, the Union County Sheriff’s Office, the New Albany Police Department and the Union County Homeland Security Agency participated.

New Albany MS active shooter practice

Officers search stairway during Baptist hospital active shooter exercise.

During the few minutes of the active shooter exercise, participating law enforcement officers went through the process of locating and taking down the “shooter.” Law enforcement personnel and a few members of the staff played the roles of the hostile gunman and his victims.

Law enforcement officials participating in the drill used a modified version of the 9 mm Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and non-lethal ammunition or “simunition” during the exercise. Lawmen and other active participants used protect -ion gear to prevent injuries to their heads and eyes from the low velocity, soft plastic projectiles fired by the modified pistols.

Jim Brinson, director of operations for the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, displays one of the modified Glock 17 semi-automatic handguns used in the active shooter drill. Instead of the Glock 17’s regular 9 mm Parabellum round which has a metal projectile and a muzzle velocity of around 1,200 feet per second, these pistols fire a “Simunition” round with a much slower muzzle velocity and a soft plastic projectile.

New Albany MS active shooter drill gear

Although the lower-powered Simunition round is much slower than a normal 9 mm bullet, it is still fast enough to hit pretty hard and sting the drill participant it may strike. Thus officers participating in drills wear this protective gear to prevent injury to their heads and eyes as well as their normal Kevlar vests.


Hospital staff and law enforcement officials participated in an “after action” review of the exercise in a Baptist conference room.


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