Bullpup Pride award winners for December 7th

January 1st, 2016     City schools Community

The following students at New Albany Elementary School received the Bullpup Pride Recognition Award because of their positive behavior during the week of December 7:

NAES Bullpup pride award winners for December 7, 2015

NAES Bullpup pride award winners for December 7, 2015

Johnathon Quarles, Remington Carroll, Makenzie Reed, Carson Evans, Will Hardy, Mickey Woods, Ethan Smithey, Lauryn Deaton, Chris Carter, Ashlyn Brown, Jake Whitt, Sharon Osario, Laura-Kay Pierce, Ashton Presley, Alan Ortega, Reese Hogue, EaLaysha Herod, Nathan Lee, Riley Anderson, Maggie Ann McNutt, Danielle Dikes, Marcus Phillips, Dekylan Wade, Andrea Vargas, Mason Vanzant, Alden Spencer, Jack Keener, Marcus Phillips, Anthony McShan, Willie Mullins, Emmanuel Chavez, Alika Montufar, John Frank Robbins, Julia Blanche, John Gray Davis, Emma Jarvis, Maria Lopez, Christian Fonseca, Gus Payne, Angel Fox, Javon Smith, Gabby Colston, Denver Fernandez, Maneli Pech, Ashton Jones, Kaylee Turner, Chloe Hudson, Valeria Sanchez, LaDarren Gilbert, Daijah Geyer, Laniya Terry, Amiya Terry, Lattarian Cameron, Roger Mazuca, & Drew Hobson.

Photo and information:
Melanie Shannon
Public Relations
New Albany Schools


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