Career & Tech school names outstanding students

January 24th, 2016     City schools Community

The following students have been selected as Outstanding Career & Technical Education students for the second nine weeks at the New Albany School of Career & Technical Education:Career

(No Particular Order):
Jessiana Smith, Marketing; Kaitlyn White, Oral & Electronic Communications; Mallory Neal, Health Science II; Caleb Vance, Digital Media II; Chance Betts, Drafting II; Thomas Beaty, Construction II; Austin Turner, Automotive II; Teresa Cobb, Culinary Arts II; Braxton Wilson, Engineering II; & Amanda Pace, Early Childhood 2

(No Particular Order):
Taylor Huffman, Business Fundamentals; Citlaly Avila, Health Science I; Sarah Katherine Harris, Digital Media I; Jacob Raines, Drafting I; Miller Dunnam, Concepts of Drafting; Daisy Huerta, Intermediate Drafting; Adam Galvan, STEM; Les Darling, Construction I; Cody Hale, Automotive I; Kristen Dobbs, Culinary Arts I; Estaban Contreras, Child Development; Samantha Bridges, Nutrition & Wellness; Adalyn Aldridge, Family Health; Kara Balentine, Family Health; Austin Green, Engineering I; Katie Wright, Early Childhood I; Malek Hardin, Concepts of Agriscience; Millie Chism, Agricultural Plants; and Zack Simmons, Agricultural Animals.

Not Pictured:  Jacob Raines, Drafting I & Beth Barnes, Agricultural Environment.

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