Union County Courthouse gets new oaks to replace damaged 110-year-old ones

Community Development Director Billye Jean Stroud talks about the grant that paid for the trees and related plans.
February 12th, 2021     Community Featured News

The Union County Courthouse lawn now has ten new pin oak trees, approximately replacing the 110-year-old trees removed in June 2018, thanks to a grant from Keep America/Mississippi Beautiful and the Community Recovery Tree Planting project.

Over the years the old trees had suffered from storm damage, random pruning and simply age. Some had already fallen and the remaining ones were deemed a danger as well as something of an eyesore.

Mitchell Moore, left, and Robert Allred, employees of Teresa Baldwin’s Yard Work and More of Ecru, plant the trees.

Although people have commented on how good the courthouse looks without trees, likely as many have said they miss the trees for their shade and greenery.

The trees were planted Friday to coincide with Mississippi’s Arbor Day. New Albany is also certified as a Tree City.

Landscape architect Sam Creekmore, a member of the city’s sustainability committee, said the trees, also known as water oaks, are fast-growing, drought-resistant and present no root problems. The trees were also selected for their historic ties, Community Development Director Billye Jean Stroud said. Because of the courthouse’s historic status, the tree project had to have approval of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

More trees may be added later, she said, and people may use those trees to honor or memorialize people and accompanying plaques.

Most of the previous trees were said to have been planted when the courthouse was built, so it will be important to have these here for coming generations, and to document the planting, Stroud said during a brief ceremony.

Sustainability committee members, elected officials and interested citizens who braved the cold for the tree planting.

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