Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday

March 3rd, 2020     Community

You can prepare to lose an hour’s sleep this Sunday…but the days will suddenly seem longer because you gain an hour of daylight.

That’s because Daylight Saving Time takes effect at 2 a.m., Sunday, March 8.

The time change, observed by most but not all U. S. states (Arizona and Hawaii don’t use it), will end Nov. 1, the first Sunday after Halloween.

It was proposed by Benjamin Franklin but not widely adopted until the early 20thCentury. The time change was used to reduce the need for artificial lighting and to save fuel during World War I and World War II and today is observed in more than 70 counties. It is mostly used as a way to get more activities done during warm weather and to increase tourism but opponents argue that it really doesn’t save energy.

Some people love it and some hate it but, regardless, remember the familiar saying of “spring forward, fall back” and before going to bed Saturday night, set your clocks for one hour later, such as from 12 to 1.

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