Democrats wave good-bye to Pontotoc officials

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March 4th, 2020     Government & Politics

Pontotoc, MS – Public officials in Pontotoc County have joined the seemingly inevitable march to the Republican Party.

They join hundreds of other public officials around the state who have switched allegiance from the Democrat Party to the GOP during the last quarter century.

The leadership, if any there be, of the state’s Democratic Party have made no discernible effort to shore up their party and stop the exodus to the Republican banner. Many of the Mississippi officials who have left the Democratic Party have cited what they see as the drift of the national party to its “lunatic fringes” on “social” issues.

According to sources, on the Pontotoc County Board of Supervisors, only District Four Supervisor Ernie Wright will continue his loyalty to the Democrats. Some say Wright intends to change to the GOP at a later time, but Wright has not confirmed that to NEMISS.NEWS.

Most of those Pontotoc officials making the switch to the GOP this week were elected to serve as Democrats just three months ago.

Party switching in New Albany:

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