Dryer fire proves opportunity to educate homeowners about danger

A kinked hose, left, or buildup of lint can cause fires.
June 26th, 2020     General News

On Thursday, just after 2 p.m., fire units responded to a dryer fire on Shady Grove in Colonial Gardens, Acting Chief Mark Whiteside said.

Upon arrival, the occupants met crews and reported they were not sure the fire was out.

Whiteside said firefighters from Truck 2 made entry and verified it was out. “Quick action from the resident possibly prevented any damage to the structure or contents, and no injuries were reported,” he said.

Whiteside thought the nature of the fire might be an opportunity to warn other residents about not properly maintaining the appliance.

“I would like to take this time to show a couple of pictures and talk about community risk reduction, or what is known also as ‘fire prevention,’” he said. “Please take a moment and look at the pictures and understand the importance of closing dryer vents, proper installation of vent hoses, and lint traps.”

Whiteside said homeowners should first make sure the dryer vent is installed properly, not too long, too short, or kinked.

“Please also make certain that you have a routine cleaning procedure for the vent and hose. Be certain to clean the dryer lint trap before or after each use,” he said.

In the case of this fire, the hose appeared to be kinked or partially kinked, broken loose from the end which was attached to the outside vent or dryer itself, and was stopped up with excessive lint in the hose – all common problems.

“Make sure that you do routine maintenance and preventive cleaning of all exhaust portions of the dryer,” he said. “Just a quick reminder of how quick something can happen is all we want to express.”

“We often do not think of looking behind the dryer or checking the exterior vent,” he said. “As firefighters, this is something we see on a regular basis, and we need to make sure our residents are reminded of this simple, yet often overlooked part of the dryer in the home.”

The hose has more than one problem

A damaged connection section

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