GOP using bogus charges against Espy to try to keep Hyde-Smith in the U.S. Senate

Former Governor Phil Bryant and Cindy Hyde-Smith being cool behind their sunglasses.
November 2nd, 2020     Featured Opinion



I no longer watch television for the same reason I stopped looking at Facebook: it spares me a great deal of drivel.

Thus, I learned only second hand about the drivel the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is running to try to influence the Senate race in Mississippi.

I am told the NRSC is urging people to reject Democratic Senate candidate Mike Espy because he was indicted more than a quarter century ago for 30 or so counts of taking gifts from business people.

The NRSC ads do not tell viewers that Espy was acquitted on every single charge. Nor do they you tell you that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Special Prosecutor Donald C. Smaltz was wrong to bring the charges against Espy in the first place.

The majority decision was written for the court by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, a Republican appointee, perhaps the most conservative justice in recent times. Famous for his humor, Scalia compared the gifts to Espy to “a high school principal’s gift of a school baseball cap to the [visiting] Secretary of Education.”

Some will recall that, when Mike Espy was charged in 1994, President and Mrs. Clinton were under a huge cloud of sleaze because of a series of scandals generally known as “Whitewater.” Many believe that Bill Clinton allowed a special prosecutor to go after Espy to divert attention from his and Hillary’s own crimes.

Bill and Hill threw Mike Espy under the bus.

It was a move straight from the playbook of Richard Nixon. When his Watergate crimes were closing in on him in 1973, Nixon did essentially the same thing to his own vice-president, Spiro T. Agnew. It did not work for Nixon.

But it seems it sort of worked for Bill and Hillary: neither of them has been indicted for anything to this very day.

The Republican establishment in Mississippi had the gall to make a United State Senator of a person whose ignorance knows no bounds. She has been an embarrassment to Mississippi time and again. Most of my friends are Republicans. I have yet to find even one of them who could look me in the eye and say they believe Cindy Hyde-Smith is fit to be a U.S. Senator.

NEMiss.News Cindy Hyde-Smith & Gov Bryant

Nobody really knows yet why Gov. Phil Bryant appointed Cindy Hyde-Smith to the U.S. Senate

The only argument my Republican friends can make is that Hyde-Smith is a rubber stamp vote for President Trump.

I voted for Trump, because he has proven more than able to take care of the country – and himself.

If he is re-elected, The Donald will be able to struggle through the next four years without ditzy old Cindy in his hip pocket, like snot on a soiled handkerchief.

A few of the Republicans have laughed with me when we’ve speculated about what the private Donald J. Trump really thinks of Senator Hyde-Smith. Trump is not known to suffer fools gladly.

It took a lot of gall for the Republicans to put Hyde-Smith in a U.S. Senate seat.

It takes an even greater dollop of gall to summon up these bogus, quarter century old charges against Mike Espy in a desperate attempt to keep her there.

–J.W. Shiverdecker

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