Latham’s Hamburger Inn a top 10 spot

June 7th, 2015     Tourism

New Albany’s Latham’s Hamburger Inn was recently included in the Only in Mississippi facebook page as a top 10 eatery to try in Mississipppi. Latham’s has been a fixture in New Albany since 1934, serving its famous “doughburger” (sometimes referred to as a “slugburger”), a secret mix of beef,  spices and dough, crisp fried and dressed with mustard, pickle and onion.

The seating is salvaged from its original dining car location and you can still get a coke in glass bottle. Stop by and look around at the history.

The menu includes many other offerings, but the Depression Era “slugburger” (they used to sell for a nickel, known as a ‘slug’ in those days)  is the all time favorite.

Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs and Woody’s in Tupelo are also on the list, if you feel like a road trip.

For the top ten article:  Check it out

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