Letter to Editor: Should citizens carry weapons to combat mass shootings?

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August 13th, 2019     Opinion

Editor’s note: NAnewsweb.com received this opinion piece from one of our readers. As always, we solicit thoughts and opinions from our community.

In the wake of the mass shootings that have recently taken place in both Texas and California, many people are once again taking to social media in an effort to persuade citizens to start carrying firearms. But is this the answer?

Most gun owners are casual shooters, and do not take the time to become proficient with their weapon. This, coupled with the adrenaline of dealing with an active shooter, is a recipe for disaster. In a large crowd of people, a gunmen has the opportunity to pick targets on a whim, and is able to attack multiple people at once. Any person trying to de-escalate the situation, has the opposite problem. In a state of mass confusion, it might be very difficult to pick out a single target; and to make a clean shot while avoiding collateral damage.

Another potential problem is whether to carry a concealed weapon or open carry. In a mass shooting situation, many people feel as though having their firearm visible might act as a deterrent. However, most mass shooters are classified as mentally unstable, and will not likely be discouraged by the sight of another person with a weapon. In reality, using the open carry method might be the equivalent of putting a target on the person’s own back.

Another situation in which this could be dangerous is that of a false alarm. Over the weekend, a large group in New York City thought that a gunmen had begun to open fire, when in fact, it was a backfire that was heard. Having citizens armed in this situation could have been a tragedy, if someone thought they had identified a shooter in the crowd.

There is no doubt that these senseless acts could have been lessened if a citizen were able to subdue the attacker. Whether a person decides to carry a firearm for their protection or the protection of others is up to them. With that stated, it is also up to the individual to receive the proper training in order to safely and effectively handle their weapon.

— Phillip W. Martin


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From the Community

David Brown says:

I will continue to conceal carry. I agree that open carry puts a target on your back. I think that people that open carry just wants everyone to see “ I have a weapon “.

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