Local school officials show courage and leadership at a time when neither is forthcoming from the Governor’s Mansion

August 19th, 2021     Editorial Opinion Featured News


This is to praise the courage and intelligence the public school boards of New Albany and Union County demonstrated this afternoon. The boards jointly announced today that face masks will be required starting tomorrow.

In the absence of any leadership or guidance from the governor, these local boards had the spunk to do something to protect children and adults from the rampant and deadly spread of coronavirus in the state.

Ironically, a couple of hours after the announcement from the school boards, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (a/k/a “Tater” or “Goober Two”) held one of his rambling and gutless press conferences during which he did nothing whatsoever to help fight COVID. (Has anyone counted how many COVID press conferences Feeble Tate has held during the last year during which he essentially said he was going to say nothing?)

Are face masks an absolute guarantee against the spread of COVID? Of course not, and they are not fun to wear.  However, there’s no doubt that they help a lot.

Thank you to the school boards and to Superintendents Evans and Taylor. They have already taken a good deal of abuse from those who consider Reeves and themselves geniuses, competent to challenge hundreds of years of scientific experience. Let the superintendents and board members know if you appreciate their rational approach to a deadly problem.



More on state leadership: https://www.nemiss.news/how-did-mississippi-get-in-such-awful-shape-regarding-covid-deaths/

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