Mark Bishop running for Ward One alderman

The Ward One seat is open because incumbent Amy Livingston decided not to seek re-election.
March 22nd, 2021     Government & Politics

I feel the need of innovative and reliable leadership is needed in rural America to provide a strong foundation for state and national leadership.  I know I can work collectively with our city directors, mayor and fellow aldermen to better serve our community, businesses, schools and industry.  I watched my father, Raymond Bishop serve as alderman in the small town of Myrtle years ago and realized one voice can echo the voices of many make a difference.

For almost forty years, I have been serving the people of New Albany and Union County in various roles of business and have seen and heard the heartbeat of the citizens of New Albany.  I plan to use those concerns as the groundwork for the betterment of our great city.  We have a lot to offer to our citizens and tourist, but have the potential to continue to grow and offer an increased amount of tourism.

I think we need a forum of the local small business owners, to give them a voice in our city administration.  Our downtown and small business are the heartbeat of New Albany.  Many of these owners don’t live in the city and feel they have no voice or representation and I hope to be their voice.

As a resident of New Albany, Ms and a citizen of the United States of America, I understand, now more than ever, that our nation, state and city needs leadership with unwavering valor, moral values and progressive vision.  I strive to serve the city of New Albany with integrity and represent the residents of Ward One with dignity and pride.

I intend to be the voice of the people, taking what matters to you to the floor of city hall.  Let’s work together with the leadership of our city to move forward on issues that will promote and elevate our fair and friendly city to growth and progress.  I want New Albany to continue to focus on our thriving downtown as a key element to our ever growing tourism draw.  We have the potential to be one of North Mississippi’s most desired location for recreation, employment and education.

I want to see our city government run efficiently with technology upgrades that allow online services available that allow the public to interact with the city electronically.  We have learned that during quarantines and shutdowns, we can’t rely on in person interaction.

Our parks and recreations are vital to the development of our city and we should continue to invest in the youth of our city to provide a diversity of activities, involving a variety of ages.  I hope to help secure grants and funding to upgrade provide updated and safe parks in every area of our city.  Ward One only has one park at the present and it is unlit, small and outdated.  We have no park on the west side of town where there is constant growth and residential construction has skyrocketed.

Well lit neighborhoods as well as smooth surfaced and clearly marked roadways can help provide safety to our elderly as well as our guest.

Downtown business owners should be able to provide input in promoting and growing our downtown business district.

I want to make sure our law enforcement have the needed personnel, training, equipment and funding to keep our neighborhoods safe and protected.

We need to preserve our history and culture and promote our heritage.

Every entrance to our city should be inviting and well marked.  Our city limits should say welcome to our incoming traffic.  We have some beautiful signage at a couple of locations, but some thoroughfares are lacking.

We have a great city including an active downtown, informative Heritage Museum, delectable eateries, and an array of festivals and events that cater to the families of North Mississippi.  We should strive to continue to aspire to greatness.


Top complaints for cities in U.S.

  1. Not enough housing
    1. We need to encourage building on empty lots and renovation of unused buildings.
  2. Technology and data is outdated
    1. We need online access to all business transactions that must be done with the city. (permits, fee, etc.)
  3. Crumbling Infrastructure
    1. We should focus on potential problem areas of traffic flow as well as widening some streets and clear markings for nonresidents.
  4. Irresponsible Budgeting
  5. Public Safety Concerns
    1. We need to solve a potential problem for emergency vehicles to access Ward One on the west side in the event the railroad crossings are blocked.
  6. Poor Economic Development
    1. We need to work hard at landing new industry, retail and restaurants.



Mark Bishop is a lifelong resident of Union County and he and his wife Sandra have lived in New Albany since 1984.  He is a graduate of Myrtle High School, Memphis Bible College, Columbia School of Broadcasting and attended University of Mississippi.  He has been Administrator of Victory Christian Academy since 1985 and became Pastor of Victory Church in 2004 where he currently serves as Pastor and Executive Administrator of V.C.A. Daycare and V.C.A..  He has been in leadership positions within the ALJC a national religious organization.  He has served, locally on the board of “New Beginnings” and “Good Samaritan”.   He is currently serving the Union County Sheriff’s department as a Deputy Chaplain and has worked under former sheriff Tommy Wilhite and current sheriff, Jimmy Edwards. He is the Director of the Union County Ministerial Alliance and works with all pastor of Union County to unite for addressing current issues and helping those in need in our community.

Bishop believes the city of New Albany has great potential and should continue to grow and progress providing opportunities for all its citizens.  Bishop will work with the Mayor and board to insure that New Albany has the best in infrastructure, industry and education.

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