Mississippi now third worst in US in COVID deaths per thousand; northeast Mississippi slightly worse than state average

As of today, August 17, Mississippi has moved into the THIRD WORST position in the United States in COVID deaths per thousand residents.

Northeast Mississippi deaths per thousand are slightly worse than statewide average.

Mississippi reported 77 COVID deaths today alone (August 17th).

As shown by statistics available as of 3 p.m. today, Mississippi, with a population of less than three million, has had 2.65 COVID deaths for every 1,000 residents.

The only states worse are New Jersey, with three COVID deaths for each one thousand residents, and New York, which has had 2.8 COVID deaths per thousand population.

For many months, Mississippi had held the number five position in U.S. states in COVID deaths per thousand. [Reported by NEMiss.News, June 29, 2021] https://www.nemiss.news/mississippi-fifth-place-nationally-predicted-top-five-in-another-bracket/

Now number three, Mississippi has passed Massachusetts, at 2.63 COVID deaths per thousand and Rhode Island with 2.59.

More shocking still is that nine of 14 northeast Mississippi counties have had more COVID deaths per thousand residents than the state average of 2.65.

Union, Tishomingo, Tippah, Prentiss, Monroe, Marshall, Itawamba, Chickasaw and Benton counties have had more COVID deaths per thousand residents than the state average.

COVID Deaths Mississippi and Northeast Mississippi Counties, August 17, 2021

MISSISSIPPI TOTAL 7,730 2,976,149 376,124 2.65
ALCORN 76 3,985 36,925 2.06
BENTON 25 1,170 8,271 3.01
CALHOUN 33 2,058 14,436 2.29
CHICKASAW 60 2,409 17,171 3.49
ITAWAMBA 83 3,466 23,517 3.5
LAFAYETTE 128 7,077 54,793 2.34
LEE 185 11,946 85,202 2.17
MARSHALL 106 5,058 37,144 2.86
MONROE 138 4,929 35,564 3.87
PONTOTOC 77 4,836 31,833 2.42
PRENTISS 64 3,371 25,315 2.75
TIPPAH 71 3,558 21,995 3.23
TISHOMINGO 70 2,554 19,454 3.59
UNION 79 4,774 28,606 2.76
14 NEMiss COUNTIES 1,195 61,191 440,226 2.71


While people are accustomed to seeing big headlines reporting the total number of COVID deaths in high-population states such as New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, etc., little attention has been focused on this one vital statistic. Sparsely populated Mississippi, while ranking 31st in the nation in total population, now ranks THIRD IN THE NATION in the percentage of its population to die of COVID.

Governor Tate Reeves proudly proclaims himself a “numbers guy,” yet he is choosing to be blissfully unaware of this vital statistic.

More about Reeves, his immediate predecessor Phil Bryant and the state’s shamefully poor public health performance tomorrow on NEMiss.News.


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