Mitch is not a happy (inside) camper

August 16th, 2015     Leisure and entertainment

Several weeks ago, this noble looking fella stumbled out of the bushes along the road and fell onto the roadside as a friend of ours was passing by in her car. The rescuer took him to a vet, who said that the dog’s right front foot was broken above the paw, and that he was near death from starvation and dehydration. The vet rehydrated him and neutered him, but could not set the leg due to extreme swelling.  The vet identified the dog as a Treeing Walker Hound, believed to be pure bred, and between 6-9 months old. The rescuer took the dog to her home, where she has several small dogs of her own. Under her care, he made a good recovery, walking, running and swimming with abandon. The vet did not detect an identification chip, and checking around the location where the dog was found failed to turn up any information on the owner of the dog, now known as “Mitch.”

Mitch and his Rescuer

Mitch and his Rescuer


Being in the market for a dog, we took him into our home on a trial basis. He is a very smart dog, and catches on quickly. He is good-tempered, even able to come to terms with our cats. He took well to housebreaking, sleeping in his “crate” at night, and was learning to walk on a leash and follow commands. What he really wants to do, though, is RUN…OUTSIDE. He was born to hunt, and is not happy being a full-time inside dog.

Mitch and his rescuer

Mitch and his rescuer

Mitch is now back with his rescuer, as she has a safe place for him to be outside while waiting for a suitable permanent home. The site of Mitch’s leg injury is detectable, but seems to have no effect upon his ability to walk, run, etc. He is now astonishingly strong, very energetic, and close to a normal weight.

Mitch’s rescuer would like to place him in an appropriate home where he can live the life he was bred for, and while she is not trying to sell the dog, she would appreciate being reimbursed for his medical care.

Anyone who is interested in checking Mitch out with an eye towards permanent adoption can click the link below and leave your name and contact information. His rescuer will contact you.

Mitch, always looking for a way outside!

Mitch, always looking for a way outside!

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