MS Covid-19 update 8APR20: Worst day so far for new US deaths

Northeast MS news Covid-19 update 3-29-20
April 8th, 2020     Health & Wellness

About the case count: The MS Department of Health currently updates its map and statistics each morning with test results from the previous day that were reported by 6:00 PM that day. Outside laboratories also report positive test results, which are included the totals. County case numbers and deaths may change as investigation finds new or additional information.

Mississippi statistics
Reported April 8, 2020: This morning MSDH is reporting 88 new cases of COVID-19 in Mississippi and eight new deaths. The total of Mississippi’s cases since March 11 now stands at 2,003, with 67 deaths. Three new outbreaks have been identified in long-term care facilities.

The MSDH website is now carrying more information on cases by race and by underlying health condition such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

Northeast MS statistics area by county:

Northeast MS reports 12 new positive cases of Covid-19 scattered over 8 counties. There was one new death in Tippah County.

ALCORN        6
BENTON        5
CALHOUN       13(+3)
CHICKASAW       17 (+2)   2
CLAY        11 (+1)
ITAWAMBA        5
LAFAYETTE      26 (+1)    1
LEE      40 (+2)      2
MARSHALL      24   1
MONROE       19(+1)   1
PONTOTOC       13 (+1) 1
PRENTISS       10
TIPPAH    37 (+1)     4 (+1)
UNION      6
STATE totals 2003 (+88) 67(+8)

National and Worldwide statistics

The death toll in the US is more than 12,900 after the country recorded the most new virus deaths in a single day.  According to NBC News: Since New York’s first recorded death on March 14, more than 4,000 of its people have died of COVID-19. As of April 6, more have died in New York than in any country except the U.K., France, Spain and Italy.

Nationwide Covid-19 statistics reported by WorldOMeter at about 10:15 AM, April 8.

  • Total US cases:    404,156 (+34,9770 )
  • Total US deaths:    12,988 (+1975)

Worldwide Covid-19 statistics reported by WorldOMeter at about 10:15 AM, April 8.

  • Total worldwide cases: 1,456,081
  • Total worldwide deaths:   83,713

MORE: Because there is no agreement or standardization of what comprises recovery from Covid-19, does not report those figures daily. However, they are available for informational purposes at :

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