NAHS Subject area awards are announced

May 29th, 2015     City schools Community

 New Albany High School Subject Area Awards 2015:





ENGLISH 9                                                                                       London Erby


ACCELERATED ENGLISH 9                                                         Adalyn Aldridge


GIFTED ENGLISH 9                                                                                    Sarah Kathryn Harris


ENGLISH 10                                                                                     Chelsey Joyner


ACCELERATED ENGLISH 10                                                       Jacob McGregor


GIFTED ENGLISH 10                                                                      Mary Day


ENGLISH 11                                                                                     Carrington Barry


ACCELERATED ENGLISH 11                                                       KeXin Weng


GIFTED ENGLISH 11                                                                      Lindsay Sappington


ENGLISH 12                                                                                     Nho Dao


ACCELERATED ENGLISH 12                                                       Abby Roaten


GIFTED ENGLISH 12                                                                      Kristen Olson


OCCUPATIONAL ENGLISH                                                         Jeremiah Howell


OCCUPATIONAL READING                                                        Richard Hutcherson


LIFE SKILLS READING                                                                 Dashia Lee



WRITING AWARD                                                                          Kurt Hickey


ORAL COMMUNICATIONS                                                          Kierstyn McKenzie


SPANISH I                                                                                        Sanders Goode


SPANISH II                                                                                       Sarah Kathryn Harris

ALGEBRA I                                                                                      Citlaly Avila                                                   

ALGEBRA II                                                                                     Sarah Kathryn Harris


GEOMETRY                                                                                      Mary Day


ALGEBRA III                                                                                               KeXin Weng


SREB MATH                                                                                     Armonti Johnson


CALCULUS                                                                                      Kristen Olson


OCCUPATIONAL MATH                                                               Kevin Moody


LIFE SKILLS MATH                                                                                    Angel Fernandez


MISSISSIPPI STUDIES                                                                   Sanders Goode


WORLD GEOGRAPHY                                                                   Emma Blakemore


WORLD HISTORY                                                                          Mary Day


U.S. HISTORY                                                                                  KeXin Weng


U.S. GOVERNMENT                                                                       Leeta Ann Prater


ECONOMICS                                                                                                Kristen Olson


PSYCHOLOGY                                                                                Leah Collins


LAW RELATED EDUCATION                                                      Reese Neely


CAREER PREPARATION                                                               Denaje Collins


CAREER EXPLORATION                                                              Richard Hutcherson


INTRO TO BIOLOGY                                                                      Daniel Boyd


BIOLOGY I                                                                                       Sarah Kathryn Harris


BIOLOGY II                                                                                     KeXin Weng


PHYSICAL SCIENCE                                                                      Eathan Criswell


CHEMISTRY                                                                                     Sam Cagle


ADVANCED PLACEMENT CHEMISTRY                                               Kristen Olson


PHYSICS                                                                                           KeXin Weng


ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY                                                        Leeta Ann Prater



DUAL CREDIT GENERAL BIOLOGY I                                      Victoria Duncan


LIFE SKILLS                                                                                                Alexis Lipsey


OCC SCIENCE                                                                                 James Cook


INTRODUCTION TO FINE ARTS                                                 Clayton Ledbetter

PERFORMING ARTS                                                                      Ana Loreto


ART I                                                                                                  Sydney Collier


ART II, GIFTED                                                                                Ellie Clark

ART III, GIFTED                                          Seniors Bailey Adams & Abby Spencer

ART IV, GIFTED                                                                              Anna Frances Stroud

ADAPTIVE-PE                                                                                  Alexis Lipsey


HEALTH                                                                                            Sarah Kathryn Harris

DRIVER EDUCATION                                                                    Grace Thompson


JROTC                                                                                                Tianna Graham



Ms. Atkinson would like for us to recognize the following student for their dedication to creating our 2014-15 yearbook:


Editor-in-Chief                                   Cecily Norton

Division Editor                                   Sarah Busby

Copy Editor                                        Asiana Judon

Design Editor                                      LaQuaysha Perkins

Photography Editor                            Valencia Jones

Photography Editor Assistant             Jourdan Samuelson



Mrs Thompson would like for us to recognize the following students for their leadership and hard work in our journalism department:


In the Dawghouse/Production            Emily Gafford

In the Dawghouse/Film                      Alex Bryant


Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Ballard would like the following awards presented for the 21st Century Enrichment “Upstage” Program:

“Upstage” Exemplary Technical Support-Madison Graham

“Upstage” Leadership Award-Davon Blackwell

“Upstage” Top Performer-Sam Hill


Mrs. Robinson would like for us to recognize the following students for their hard work and dedication to the Speech and Debate team:

Tristan Estrada                        Outstanding Speech and Debate

Lori Staten                              Most Dedicated Speech and Debate



Melanie Shannon
Public Relations
New Albany Schools

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