NAMS Students Complete YouScience Snapshot Assessment

New Albany MS NAMS YouScience assessment
Suzy Bowman, Career Coach for the New Albany School District, discusses the YouScience assessment with NAMS students.
October 5th, 2019     City schools

The results are in! Eighth graders at New Albany Middle School (NAMS) have completed the YouScience Snapshot assessment this month.

YouScience is a great way for students to learn more about themselves, explore high-demand careers that are a good fit for them, and gain a better understanding of how their unique talents are needed in our economy.

YouScience Snapshot combines five aptitude assessments plus an interest survey. “This amazing assessment gives students the opportunity to be matched to a career that best fits their unique talents and interests,” said Suzy Bowman, Career Coach for the New Albany School District (NASD).

Bowman recently reviewed the results with 8th graders at NAMS and explained to them how these results could help them be more strategic in planning what vendors they will visit with during the “Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo” in October.

This assessment is designed to help students make informed career decisions. Each student in the PUL Alliance had a YouScience code purchased for them with funding for the codes provided by the Toyota Wellspring Education Fund.

“We appreciate CREATE and the Toyota Wellspring Education Fund giving all of our students so many opportunities for career exploration and career readiness,” said Dr. Lance Evans, NASD Superintendent.

Parents and guardians who have students in the 8th grade at NAMS can make sure their child is on a path to success with a solid plan for the future. Snapshot is a great way for students to understand their strengths and learn how those strengths translate to real-world careers.Visit to learn more.

Plans are being made for students in grades 9-12 at New Albany High School to participate in the YouScience assessment. Most sophomores have completed the assessment and have received results.

Melanie Shannon
New Albany Schools
“Preparing ALL for Success”

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