New Albany firemen put out house fire and deal with a burning battery device during the weekend

NEMiss.News Camp Street fire 12-12
December 12th, 2021     Featured News General News


A residential structure on fire shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday sent New Albany firemen to 411 South Camp St.

Shortly after noon Saturday firemen answered a call to a business where a battery charger had caused a fire.

The fire at the South Camp St. address was fully involved when firemen arrived about 3 a.m. The structure was a mobile home. E911 dispatchers had told fire crews the believed the Camp St. place was not occupied. Fireman entered the burning structure, verified that no people were inside and put out the fire.

There was considerable fire damage in part of the mobile home and smoke damage throughout. Officials are investigating the cause of the fire

The Saturday call to Butler’s Fish and Steak House on North Glenfield Road was because a battery charger connected to some electronic equipment had caused a fire. Firemen arrived and searched for the source of smoke and odor. They located the burning charger unit, and the small fire was quickly extinguished with the damage mainly limited to the charger unit itself.

NEMiss.News Battery Charger burns at business

Beware of battery chargers near combustibles.

New Albany Fire Chief Mark Whiteside said such fires are rather common. He warned that battery charger units create considerable heat and often cause fires when next to combustible materials.

“We remind folks to refrain from placing any type of electrical cord, computer cord, cell phone cord, handheld items, etc. under blankets, clothing, towels, cloth and other combustible materials,” said Whiteside. “These items produce heat and can fail, causing a fire.  Please remember to use caution and care about where they are placed.”


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