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September 23rd, 2015     Community Organizations, Misc.

Why should you send your news about New Albany to

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Here are a few reasons to have your news published on

  • offers free, unlimited use. There is no subscription fee, no charge to publish or to read articles.
  • NAnewsweb is read by thousands of people each month.
  • Your information can be quickly and easily retrieved from our searchable site at any time. All information is archived, not lost in a mass of posts, as on FB.
  • You may submit articles of any length. Our space is not limited, as in newspapers or other hard-copy formats.
  • You get to decide what news you share*. You write it; you e-mail it; we publish it.*
  • You may send in photos from phones or cameras. We are equipped to deal with many different formats.
  • Prized photos and original documents never leave your hands. Items are submitted electronically; originals never leave your hands.
  • Articles and photos may be download for free. There is no charge for that picture of you, your kids or your friends.

What kind of news can you submit? The short answer? Any kind that you wish to share:

  •  Any occasion that merits a celebration. Births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries,, birthdays, reunions, etc.
  • Any recognition received. Honors, awards, accomplishments, educational achievements, etc.
  • Community organization information. School news, church news, charity fund-raisers, civic meetings, etc.
  • Articles/photos about New Albany area history.
  • Leisure activities you enjoy. Sports, travel, hobbies, etc.
  • News or events of interest that you see happening.
  • Opinion pieces on any subject of general interest to the community.
  • Obituaries (accepted from funeral homes only).

How do you submit news to It’s easy.

  • Write the article.
  • Attach any photos or documents you wish to accompany the article.
  • Include your name and contact number in the e-mail
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