New Albany Shockers, learning to take the heat in life

August 12th, 2015     Leisure and entertainment

New Albany – A group of determined young men were practicing tackle football in the heat of an August afternoon. In Mississippi. School having begun for the 2015-2016 year, this is not a particularly unusual sight. Middle school and high school football teams routinely begin their training in the summer’s heat.

But these particular boys are not yet of middle school age. The youths sweating it out under the August 11th sun at New Albany’s BNA Park are 11 and 12 year-olds, members of the New Albany Shockers.  And they have been practicing since late July. Parents, friends and other followers mostly watch from areas of available shade.

(l to r)  Heather Beaty, Donna Breland and Zac Shelton watch Shockers' practice

(l to r) Heather Beaty, Donna Breland and Zac Shelton at Shockers’ practice

The New Albany Shockers youth travel football team came onto the New Albany scene in 2013, playing boys as young as nine and ten years of age. During the upcoming season, the Shockers will play Pontotoc, Tupelo and Senatobia teams, among others.

According to information on theShockers’ home page, this little league football team began with some very important goals: committing to some playing time for all the healthy team members, teaching the youngsters about sportsmanship and how to safely shake off their minor bumps and bruises along the way and get back into the game.  Just as importantly, the league admonishes parents and fans to be involved in the sport, while being respectful of all the players, coaches, and followers involved in the league.

Family and friends watch Shockers practice

Family and friends watch Shockers practice

We trust the New Albany Shockers will prevail in both their physical and mental endeavors. In light of many stories being broadcast daily in the media, we think it’s too bad the Shockers’ goals haven’t been instilled more deeply into the fabric of our society as a whole.

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