New Albany weather was a big part of the story in 2015

January 1st, 2016     General News

A New Albany reader sent us this review of New Albany’s 2015 weather, which prompted us to look back at some of the weather-related stories we published in 2015.

There were a lot of them. They related to local events that depended upon good weather for their success, civic projects that were affected by weather, reports of violent and extreme weather events, stories and pictures of local people and visitors enjoying New Albany’s attractions, etc.

Thank you, Joe Wilson, for prompting this look back over the past year.

New Albany, MS, Weather Highlights, 2015

2015 Rainfall:January  2.94                                      
February  5.03                                     
March      7.64                                     
April         7.34
May          9.95                                     
June         5.05                                       
July          12.56                                      
August     5.27
Sept.        .50
October   4.00
Nov.         6.83
Dec.         4.74
  TOTAL:  71.85

Yearly average last 10 years:  55.30

Most Rainfall in a single day:  July 3rd, 2015   8.01 inches

Low temperature: January 7th, 2015   10 degrees  with a windchill of -4 degrees

High temperatures:  High temperature did not reach 100 all year


Here are a few weather-related stories mentioned in the carousel. Use the “Search NAnewsweb” section on homepage to find other stories.




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