Switching parties: Notches on the pistol?

New Albany MS switching parties
January 27th, 2020     Featured Opinion

I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.” – Ronald Reagan


New Albany, MS – At least half a dozen local elected officials have said in recent days that they will  be switching parties, leaving the Democrats and joining the Republicans. The officials who are making the switch are friends of ours. We know them and have voted for them as Democrats. We intend to vote for them when they run as Republicans.

Our contempt for both the Democratic and Republican parties at the state and national level is no secret.

The top dogs of the national Republican Party all did their dirtiest work trying to keep Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination for president in 2016. All the Bushes fought Trump’s candidacy. So did John McCain and his little buddy Lindsey Graham. Ted Cruz fought Trump’s nomination bitterly.

Most vicious of all was Mitt Romney, who set an historic precedent by being the only former major party nominee to denounce his own party’s presidential nominee. Romney savaged Trump in a March 3, 2016, speech as “worthless” and a “fraud.” When Romney voted in Utah he said he wrote in the name of his wife Ann rather than vote for Trump.

No pun intended when I say that the Democrats “trump” the Republicans when it comes to being two-faced and contemptible. They have alienated their historic base, “FDR New Deal Democrats,” (such as was Ronald Wilson Reagan), by embracing the most outrageous social policy wackos in the country.

The Democrats have topped their own silly behavior in recent weeks by their comic opera attempt to get rid of Trump by impeachment. They never had a chance of succeeding, but it seems that Pelosi and Schiff and Nadler, et al just couldn’t help themselves.

Nowhere is the Democratic Party less relevant than in Mississippi. The Democrats aren’t a party in Mississippi; they aren’t even a credible ghost of a party. To call the Democratic Party in Mississippi a joke would be generous.

Is there a Democratic Party organization in Union County?

This website will pay a dollar each to the first five people who can name the chairperson of the Union County Democratic Party by noon today, Monday, Jan. 27. (Email your guesses to news@nanewsweb.com, including your correct name and snail-mail address. We’ll check and see if anyone claims the title. If so, we’ll pay off to the winners by the end of the week).

We believe our elected officials who have jumped to the GOP have all served honorably as Democrats. We expect their service as Republicans will be equally praiseworthy. They have all said they’d rather have no party politics at all in local elections. We share their disgust with the national Democrats, although we also struggle to find any enduring merit in the national Republicans.

We expect our friends switching to the GOP will have no impact at all on the way they do their jobs.

We hope none of them have been intimidated by Republican Party bounty hunters, who are gleeful to have added a few notches to the stocks of their pistols.

–J. W. Shiverdecker

Switching parties: https://www.nemiss.news/kent-switches-to-republican/

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