Opinion: Steve Patterson, “What Balderdash is this ?”

March 9th, 2020     Guest Authors

New Albany, MS – I know Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a friend of mine. Joe Biden’s mental acuity is not in question. It is cruel unfounded politically motivated nonsense to say otherwise.

Nothing could be further from truth than the pseudo rambling diagnosis of “sundowners” dementia offered by Elizabeth Shiverdecker of former Vice President Joe Biden!

Please allow me to set the record straight .

As a child and as a young adult Joe Biden suffered from a common disability. He stuttered. Because of this disability he was relentlessly bullied by his insensitive class mates. He courageously persevered and overcame this disability by reading Irish poetry in front of a mirror in the privacy of his own bedroom. Ultimately he prevailed over this disability and became one of the most passionate orators on America’s political stage. Nonetheless, at times the plague of this disability does inevitable reemerge and make itself obvious for all the snarky journalist to see!

Joe Biden, throughout his career, has been prone to the kind of endearing misstatements that are not unlike the kind each of us make daily. I know I sometimes say things that are incorrect and, like the Vice President, quickly correct the innocuous mistake. I bet most readers of this column do, too!

Ms. Shiverdecker’s, and other naysayer journalist’s unprofessional comments ( they are neither trained physicians or psychologists) are, as my ole Irish friend Joe Biden would say, pure “malarkey”! And they are representative of the sort of heartless bullying that has been the hallmark of Trump and a Trumpism!

Once the Trump – Biden debates begin we will plainly see who has, not only the mental acuity, but the moral character to lead America!


Elizabeth Shiverdecker’s: ” You don’t have to do this, Joe…”

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From the Community

Melissa says:

I think Libba won this one!

Jane Alford says:

Crazy Joe, ( as most people refer to him) isn’t material for the President of the United States.
Ms Shiverdecker was right on target with her news article.
Career politicians have done nothing except steal from the taxpayers of the United States.
We need term limits to correct corruption and destroying our country.
Even Robert Kennedy Jr said President Trump was going to go down as the best President ever.
It’s time for Steve Patterson to gently take his friends hand and lead him into retirement.

Ted says:

Patterson is correct to come to his friends defense. Who among us has not misspoke ! The drumbeat of the crazies of a true patriot in decline is absurd ! It won’t play this time..Remember the stories spun by right wing media about Hillary Clinton’s serious disease that would confine her to a nursing home before the Election ? It was nothing more than a play from the Roy Cohn, Roger Stone , Donald Trump playbook ! A Despicable lie! Deplorable politics ! Wake up y’all, America deserves better .Balderdash indeed !

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