Espy vs Hyde-Smith

Espy vs. Hyde-Smith: Round Three 

October 28, 2020


  Many times recently it has been said that Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi’s junior U.S. Senator since 2018, is the least... (Read more)

NEMiss.News Trump: my SOB

Trump may be an SOB, but he’s MY SOB

October 20, 2020


Admiral Ernest J. King was probably the most despised officer in the United States Navy, a mean SOB. He was... (Read more) Who you gonna call? 1.5% raises

Though revenue is up, bank accounts flush, City Board cuts city workers’ COLA in half

October 8, 2020


  Last month the mayor, municipal clerk and Ward Two Alderman Johnny Anderson presented a balanced budget to the New... (Read more) Nancy Pelosi

So, Mississippians, you think you know who you will be voting for on November 3rd?

September 29, 2020


    Some of you think you will go to the polls on November 3rd and vote for Joe Biden... (Read more) about a self-framing photograph

About a self-framing photograph…

August 30, 2020


  Before “smart” phones, before people carried a camera of sorts always and everywhere, serious photographers paid a lot of... (Read more)


August 28, 2020


... (Read more)

Why black voters are right to be skeptical about Kamala Harris

August 12, 2020

Liz Shiverdecker

While Biden may hope to solidify the black vote by tapping Kamala Harris for VP, her problematic record may do... (Read more) MS in Statuary Hall, Washington DC

Steve Patterson: It’s time for Jefferson Davis and James Z. George to come home!

July 24, 2020


    Almost fifty years ago I was privileged to serve on the staff of then one of America’s most... (Read more) Steve Patterson, Hubris

Steve Patterson: Hubris, the snake has bit us

July 17, 2020

Steve Patterson

      There it was lurking in plain sight. It had been overlooked for generations by many and actually... (Read more)

Steve Patterson: Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Confederate Flag, and Me!

June 26, 2020

Steve Patterson

“No man kills me and lives to tell about it.” –Nathan Bedford Forrest     Nathan Bedford Forrest is among... (Read more)

Food trucks would benefit downtown New Albany

June 23, 2020

Lynn West

Not too many years ago one could go to downtown New Albany and find 10 places to eat between the... (Read more)

NEMiss.News No Downside to Being Careful

Covid-19: Is there a downside to being careful?

June 20, 2020


Mississippians are not getting consistent information or much more than lip service for public safety, so they need to be... (Read more)

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