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New Albany MS Phil Nanney speaks
Phil Nanney at his desk Friday afternoon, September 20, 2019. ( photo)
September 20th, 2019     Government & Politics

Editor’s Note: thanks Phil Nanney for his letter. We are always happy to correct errors of fact, whether our own or in the statements of others. 

Received at on September 20, 2019.


Mr. Shiverdecker,

I am sorry you were not able to reach me about this MCC mess. IF you tried last night, I was at the pep rally and later at dinner with some of my family and friends.

Let me interject a couple of facts into this conundrum.

First, concerning my desire to assume the vacant position. That is entirely false. I have no desire at this point in time to be the director of the MCC. Yes, I was asked to interview for the position when it was created and would have enjoyed the challenge, but was, thankfully, not given the job.

Second, I did write the notorious “job description” before we ever had a firm plan for creating the position. I was asked by the board president at the time to create a document containing all the potential duties, responsibilities, and opportunities for a person in that position. It was very detailed and very aggressive, and I must admit, probably not attainable in its entirety. I believe the mayor can attest the meeting when I was asked to create this document. To my knowledge no final job description was ever written by the board for Mrs. Baker upon her hiring. She could not have been asked to perform all that was in the original document and should not have been expected to do so.

The next time you have a question that concerns me, please exhaust your efforts to contact me before you print by mistake items that are not entirely factual. One more call might have made a big difference in your rant today.

I do appreciate your final comment. I just don’t know if I’m ready for Falstaff, a great part.

By the way, her name is Brittany Baker, not Bethany.

Thank you.

Phil Nanney


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