If you are wondering what that large yellow machine is up to

NEMiss.News BNSF crane at Tallahatchie River
The crane unloads a bundle of the large ties just off Moss Hill Drive.
January 22nd, 2021     Community Featured News


People may have noticed a large yellow crane shuttling back and forth between the railroad switchyard downtown and the Moss Hill Drive crossing.

Although Mayor Tim Kent had not received confirmation at last report, it appears that the Burlington Northern- Santa Fe Railroad is planning to replace elements of the trestle and bridge across the Tallahatchie River.

The crane has been moving outsized ties and several large concrete structures to either end of the trestle and a stack of I-beams about a foot wide are stacked in the switchyard area.

Mayor Kent said he hopes that whatever work is done will replace or reinforce the part of the trestle that runs above Snyder Street. There is concern that because of the businesses that have been on that street in the past and continue to be there now, the trestle supports have been struck by trucks many times over the years, possibly damaging or weakening them.

Some of the large beams stacked beside the tracks near the museum

The concrete structures placed at right look like bridge supports.




A closer look at some of the reinforced ties


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