Smart devices not compatible? You are not alone. 

November 22nd, 2021     Business


BY: Kendall C. Stancil

Just like when finding a partner for a relationship, we have also become accustomed to having our smart devices compatible. Since the fast advance of technology, we have become reliant on being able to share information between our phones, computers, tablets and even our TVs. With this technology, which is constantly evolving, comes the software updates.

If you are an owner of Apple, Inc. devices you have experienced these updates all too often. Over the years these software updates have led to older devices or older generations no longer being able to update or be compatible with running the current operation or newer software.

Being the owner of Apple, Inc. devices, I have an older MacBook Pro and an Iphone 12 Max Pro. The recent IOS 15.1.1 update left me a bit worried after my Notepad App on my phone was not sharing updates to the Notepad App on my computer. For Apple users, the Notepad App is simple and convenient to use while on the go and working with multiple devices. You can be with a client downtown and scan a document with your phone, and it will be available on your desktop by the time you return home.

Since my phone is set to automatic install of new software updates, it usually takes care of such tasks over night while I sleep.

Recently, I woke up I went about my daily routine of meetings. When I returned to my studio to work, none of my notes and documents had appeared on my computer screen. When troubleshooting, I was getting a “non-compatible” message due to the IOS 15 software on the phone. Once again, fear struck.

I thought of the possibility that my MacBook had reached its point of no longer being supported by new software. So, I took to the internet to see if there was a solution to the problem. As luck would have it, there was. With an afternoon spent updating and installing, I was able to resolve the issue, or at least it seems to be resolved. Time will tell.

The recent IOS 15 software update ended Apple’s support for devices with the A9 chip. This included the Iphone 6, Iphone 6 plus and the Iphone SE. I Pads, including the IPad mini 4 (2015), IPad Air 2 (2014), IPad 5 (2017), also will no longer be supported by IOS 15.

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