NEMiss.News Brandon Presley, Northern District Commissioner

Guest Author Brandon Presley – Federal ARP Funds: Fix Things, Don’t Fiddle Them Away

October 25, 2021

Brandon Presley

PSC Commissioner Brandon Presley urges MS officials to use available American Rescue Plan funds for the good of all Mississippians.... (Read more)

NEMiss.News Philip Gunn at New Albany Rotary

Gunn visits northeast Mississippi, hints at run for governor

October 22, 2021


MS Speaker of the House, Phil Gunn, spoke to New Albany Rotarians about his push to eliminate the Mississippi personal... (Read more)

NEMiss.News MS medical marijuana back on track?

Mississippi Marijuana bill appears on track/UPDATED

October 12, 2021


The Mississippi Legislature may be on track to pass a medical marijuana law for the state. Click to see a... (Read more)

NEMiss.News Mississippi's health care failure

Just ain’t so: lies and damned lies about healthcare in Mississippi

September 15, 2021


Economists again refute political claims that Mississippi cannot afford to expand Medicaid. "Working poor" healthcare failures, insufficient emergency rooms, failed... (Read more)

NEMiss.News Weeping angel statue

Mississippi now leads U.S. in percent of population to die of COVID

September 9, 2021


With 83 Mississippians announced as dead of COVID-19 today alone, our state has laid undisputed claim to having the highest... (Read more)

NEMiss.News COVID testing tent, Baptist Union County

Mississippi solidly in number two spot nationally in COVID deaths per million population, gaining quickly on New Jersey

September 2, 2021


As Mark Twain once said about news reports of his own death having been "premature," news reports of Mississippi being... (Read more)

Judge Shands, black Mississippians’ vaccine skepticism is NOT the crux of our COVID mess

August 30, 2021

Liz Shiverdecker

Contrary to Shands' assumptions, black Mississippians may actually be MORE vaccinated than white Mississippians. Get the facts... (Read more)

NEMiss.News Rodney Shands

Guest Author Rodney Shands writes to refute Steve Patterson

August 30, 2021

Guest Author

Rodney Shands writes to refute Steve Patterson's stance regarding stupidity vs malice, and to offer his view of the Democrat... (Read more)

NEMiss.News MS Speaker, Philip Gunn

Mississippi Republicans want to raise sales taxes, eliminate personal income tax

August 29, 2021


MS House Republicans have proposed a "revenue neutral" bill that will increase sales taxes while eventually eliminate personal income tax.... (Read more)

NEMiss.News Dr. Alan Jones speaks about rampant COVID in MS

Mississippi is now the world’s coronavirus hotspot; what to know to take care of yourself and those you love

August 22, 2021


According to the New York Times, Mississippi is now the world's top hotspot for positive COVID cases per unit of... (Read more)

Local school officials show courage and leadership at a time when neither is forthcoming from the Governor’s Mansion

August 19, 2021


Local school boards and school superintendents, having agreed earlier to have the same COVID policies for all area public schools,... (Read more)

NEMiss.News Laughing doppelgangers

How did Mississippi get in such awful shape regarding COVID deaths?

August 18, 2021


Mississippi's available health care resources and the resulting poor health of its citizens is largely due to poor political leadership.... (Read more)

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