A look back on 2021, a year of loss and change

January 1, 2022

Jerry Shiverdecker

A look back on the losses of 2021, from Jessica Stacks to Betty White, as well as the changes and... (Read more)

NEMiss.News My own research

Steve Patterson: Have we become too stupid to live?

August 24, 2021

Steve Patterson

Stupid is as stupid does. Guest author Steve Patterson contemplates the role of stupidity in the three greatest existential crises... (Read more)

New Albany MS Ideology in the extreme

Opinion: “After me, you come first”

February 9, 2020


New Albany, MS – Government, whether local, state or federal, is responsible for using its citizens’ funds appropriately to perform... (Read more)

Editorial graphic

Wish list for community shorter, but more ambitious

January 3, 2020

Lynn West

About this time most years I put together a sort of wish list of things I would like to seen... (Read more)

New Albany MS Vic Hanson, Donald Trump as Chemotherapy

Vic Hanson on Trump: A sort of Chemotherapy

December 12, 2019


  We thought some NAnewsweb.com readers might enjoy reading a perspective on Donald Trump by a serious scholar who is... (Read more)

New Albany MS former Speaker Billy McCoy

We all wanted to be like Billy McCoy

November 13, 2019

Steve Patterson

Way back in the 1970’s and 1980’s there were a good many aspiring young progressive political wannabes roaming around Mississippi.... (Read more)

New Albany MS Steve & Chicken at home

Steve Patterson: How to break bird dogs of killing chickens, and good folks of voting Republican!

October 6, 2019

Steve Patterson

(Author’s note: I wish I could say no chickens were harmed in the writing of this essay, but that would... (Read more)

New Albany MS Baloney is not cheap

Steve Patterson: “Baloney is not cheap!”

June 13, 2019

Steve Patterson

  Alabama’s Governor George C. Wallace once appeared on a Sunday talk show during his heyday as a demagogic segregationist.... (Read more)

Trees along roadways

Trees along city roadways: Guest Opinion by Johnny Anderson

March 7, 2019


TREES, TREES, TREES Please allow me to explain my position on trees along roadways within the city limits of New... (Read more)

Rant: What are the political beliefs of Christians?

October 17, 2018


Is it possible to know the political beliefs of Christians as a whole? On Monday,  NAnewsweb.com posted Steve Patterson’s column... (Read more)

Terry Young

Guest Opinion: New Albany’s recent leadership has accomplished much

February 27, 2017


Guest Opinion by Terry R. Young Terry R. Young is a New Albany builder and developer. The thoughts expressed here... (Read more)

Guest Opinion: Strong leadership needed to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities

February 21, 2017


Guest opinion by Bill Robertson. Bill Robertson is a native of New Albany and is a retired businessman whose career... (Read more)

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