This week’s edition of “Well, I Reckon…” is political

February 23rd, 2016     General News

“Well, I Reckon…”

New Albany’s perspective of the impending presidential election is varied and colorful, to say the very least. After talking with quite a few people regarding their choice of candidate for the upcoming primary in March, it was obvious there was more than one person with an ax to grind.

Do you intend to vote in the Mississippi presidential primary on March 8th and if so, will you vote Democrat or Republican? Who is your choice candidate?




I will vote Republican. I do not know exactly who I will vote for but I believe I will probably vote for Senator Cruz. He’s conservative and that’s what I want! Conservative. – Barbara Bullock



Lissa Wilson, New Albany, MS

Lissa Wilson, New Albany, MS



I am voting Republican. I seem to agree more with the Republican standards and the party, in general. I do not know at this time what candidate I will choose. – Lissa Wilson







Steve Bails: Without question, Democrat. I will vote for Hillary Clinton. She is the best person running and God told me to vote that way, just like he told me to vote for Barack.



Gary Mathis, Ripley, MS

Gary Mathis, Ripley, MS



Gary Mathis: I am an old school Democrat and will be voting for Hillary Clinton. She has been in the business for awhile and will put the U.S. back in order the way it ought to be, like when her husband was President. We didn’t owe as much then, and he will be there to help her get things back into shape.



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From the Community

Margaret Cocke says:

I will be voting Republican but not for Trump. I don’t like him one bit. I will probably be voting for Marco Rubio in the primary but if it comes down to Trump and Hillary winning the spot for president I will be forced to vote Trump as he would possibly be the lesser of the two evils. Christians need to be down on their knees praying that God will intercede and this country will turn back to Him because I feel that if we don’t, we are doomed.

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