Falling tree knocks out power to north side of NA

Crews work to move lines from the damaged pole at right to the replacement
June 27th, 2020     General News

Crews were clearing a lot at the Union Lumber Company about 1:30 p.m. Saturday when it was reported that a tree they were cutting fell on nearby utility lines.

Poles were snapped or downed, taking with them all the lines for a nearly five-block length along Randolph Street and into what used to be known as the Stephens Quarters.

Power was out for most of the north side of town, along with part of the downtown area. The downtown area was restored fairly quickly and another part of the north side after about five hours but as of this posting electric department workers still apparently had hours of work ahead of them.

One report said that six utility poles would have to be replaced and this particular location carries more lines on the poles than many other parts. Cables, transformers and street lights were having to be removed from the broken poles and attached to the new poles.

Trucks and crews get ready to work on the poles near the fire department.

This pole behind the fire department was snapped and lines down to and around the building at rear.

This pole past the lumber yard was pulled over.

This is the area being cleared seen from the corner of Washington and Garfield.

A snapped pole in front of the fire station.

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