Michigan trucker seeking cat lost at New Albany Pilot

April 4th, 2020     Occupations

A trucker passing through New Albany last week is hoping someone can help her reconnect with her cat, who escaped from her truck in New Albany.

At the time of this posting, the driver, Melissa Rojas, is back home in Michigan. She has not yet received any further information about her missing traveling companion.

Keep your eyes open. We could all use a little good news right now.



“Hello! I am a truck driver, and my cat escaped the truck last Monday in the Pilot truck stop in New Albany, MS. I am asking area organizations to please keep an eye out for her, and/or share her information in the hopes she will be returned to me.

Her name is Sylvia, she’s four years old. She is a grey and cream Siamese with the prettiest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. She is spayed, and unfortunately, front declawed. She has that belly pouch that kitties get. She weighs approximately 10 pounds. She was last seen with a pink Harley Davidson breakaway collar. It had a bell on it. She can be talkative, but she’s very skittish and scared. She loves to hide under things.

She escaped my truck last Monday morning (3/23) around 2:30 am. We were at the Pilot truck stop in New Albany, MS. A driver thought he had seen her in the field across from where I had parked, under a fallen down shed. That was the last known sighting of her.

If she’s found, please contact me, Melissa Rojas, at 731-699-8722.

You can also contact my mother, Mary Egburtson at 316-200-4506

Thank you for sharing her with your community! I hope someone sees her and is able to rescue her.”


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From the Community

Cynthia Kinney says:

I will look for her and I’ll forward this information to my ‘kitty luv’ friends.
Many thanks to you along with so much appreciation and respect for the job you do. Everything we touch, use, need, wear, eat, drink and want comes to us by trucks operated by people like you.

Joan Fry says:

Is there an update?

Mary DeWitt says:

The cat will hide during the day. Please make sure that there’s a bowl of tuna, or whatever her favorite food is, near the area at which she got lost (but in a safe place, away from vehicular traffic and noise).

It would’ve helped if her person had left behind something that she was wearing, or some of Sylvia’s bedding. Watch for her near the food bowl after dark. Don’t chase her — get down low and talk softly. Don’t grab at her…just see if she’ll allow you to pet her, or scratch her back / chin.

Make sure you’ve got a safe and comfortable crate, or a secure place that will hold her for however long it takes for her person to come for her.

Best wishes.

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