Tupelo City Council 1JUN2020: Buying and selling

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Tupelo City Council Meeting Monday, June 1, 2020

Tupelo MS – The Tupelo City Council voted at its June 1, 2020 meeting to approve the sale and purchase of several properties in the city. The lot formerly known as the Natchez Trace Inn is to be sold to Southeast Ventures, LLC at a cost of $207,500. Several council members were optimistic about the future of the property.

Councilman Willie Jennings said he hopes the sale will bring sales tax revenue to the city. Two additional lots located on Malone St. will be sold in hopes that the area will be made more appealing, according to Council President Nettie Davis.


Tupelo to Buy Three Properties

The council voted to buy two properties located on Walker St., as well as the Mill Village Lumber Yard. The city will pay $410,000 for the lumber yard. The properties will be used in future projects.

However, Mayor Jason Shelton declined to comment on what those projects are.

Tupelo Public Schools Receive Grant and Additional Resource officers

The council approved a budget amendment allowing for a grant for the Tupelo Public School District in the amount of $70,000. The purpose of of the grant is the purchase of police vehicles.

The Tupelo Public School District will also receivev three additional school resource officers. These officers serve to protect students and faculty during school hours and at school events.

Garden Club Week

Mayor Jason Shelton announced that the week of June 7-13 will be celebrated as Garden Club Week. He said that through gardening, we are nourished through beauty and through our senses.

Molly Web, a local garden club leader, thanked the mayor and the city for their support even when the world is in chaos.

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