Tupelo Restaurants Will Sell Drive-Thru Alcohol

City Council Members Practice Social Distancing

Tupelo- The Tupelo City Council met on Tuesday April 7, with a smaller than usual attendance. Mayor Jason Shelton, President Nettie Davis, and a few more council members were present. The remaining members attended the meeting by phone. Council members present in the council chambers practiced social distancing by using seating usually occupied by the public.

Restaurants Will Be Allowed To Sell Carry-Out Alcohol

The primary topic was the sale of alcohol by restaurants. Due to Governor Tate Reeve’s executive order, all restaurants in the state are currently operating through drive-thru or curbside pick-up. Council members heard a proposal aimed to help struggling restaurants. The item will allow restaurants to sell mixed drinks and unopened bottles of wine along-side meals.

The plan had some support but was not unanimously passed. Some council members showed concern regarding residents being allowed to buy and transport the alcohol. Councilman Willie Jennings said “You know they are going to be drinking it in the car,” voicing concerns that the city might be held responsible for drunk drivers. Jennings also said “They would be driving with an open container, even though it has a lid on it.”

Other council members said some businesses are closed and are not making any money, while Tupelo restaurants are still operating.

The item was passed with a vote of 4 to 3.

Demolition of Property on Chickasaw Trail

Council members voted to demolish a home located at 1015 Chickasaw Trail. The home is in a severe state of disrepair. There is structural damage as well as several broken windows. A large amount of debris can be seen on the property, and it currently does not have any utilities.

The property owners were given thirty days to clean up the lot and make the repairs. If the property is not repaired in that time, the city will demolish the home and begin cleanup.

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