U.S. Representative Kelly lists congressional accomplishments, concerns

Representative Trent Kelly
Representative Trent Kelly at New Albany Rotary Club
August 4th, 2017     Government & Politics

In a speech given to the New Albany Rotary Club on Friday, August 4th, U.S. Representative Trent Kelly refuted the main stream media’s picture of a lack of activity and accomplishment in Washington. “We are getting things done,” he said, but suggested that one must look beyond media reports to see the true picture.

House of Representative accomplishments have been numerous

Representative Kelly at Rotary

Trent Kelly at New Albany Rotary Club

As of June 30, the House has passed 269 bills. More bills have been passed out of the House in the first six months of this congress than the past four administrations. While many of the bills are, admittedly, stalling in the Senate, 53 of those bills have been passed by the Senate and signed into law by the president. The goals of those bills included:

  • Reducing red tape: Fourteen of the bills signed into law repeal burdensome regulations and cut the size of government.
  • Main Street jobs & financial security: The Financial CHOICE Act, which will end big bank bailouts and overhaul Dodd-Frank, giving community banks a better chance at competing with larger banks. Legislation strengthening career and technical education will help working families find good-paying jobs and give employers incentives to work with state and local agencies.
  • Patient-centered healthcare: In May, House Republicans passed legislation that repealed and replaced the healthcare law with a system that protects people with pre-existing conditions, brings down costs, and expands choices for families. We have also passed bills to address out-of-control healthcare costs, including much-needed medical liability reform and legislation that makes it easier for small businesses to lower healthcare costs for their employees. While we wait for the Senate to work through the legislative process, House Republicans remain committed to fixing our broken healthcare system.
  • Keeping Americans safe: The House passed the National Defense Authorization Act to modernize our military equipment, enhance our military readiness, and give our troops a well-deserved pay raise –the biggest one in eight years. The bill fully funds the 2.4% pay raise as required by law.
  • Taking Care of our Veterans: The House passed dozens of bills to reform the VA and make it easier for veterans to receive the benefits they have earned and deserve, having answered the call to serve our nation. We must see that veterans get the care they need.
Representative Trent Kelly

New Albany Rotary hosts US Representative Kelly

On-going concerns and priorities

  • Tax Reform: When we return to DC in September, the House will move forward with tax reform. This will create jobs and grow our economy.
  • Because it is our duty in Congress to make sure that Americans feel safe, I am greatly concerned about the readiness crisis facing our armed forces. Locally, Columbus Air Force Base, which trains half of all Air Force pilots, needs our support– and they are going to get it.
  • There are difficulties in Congress, with small numbers on both the left and right striving to dominate the debate.

“I will continue to make it my top priority to keep my comments focused on what I support and away from personal attacks on people who do not share my views.” U.S. Representative Trent Kelly.

Thank you,

Trent Kelly,

U.S. Representative

MS First Congressional District

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