Union County August 4, 2015 complete election results

August 5th, 2015     Government & Politics

Summary of complete, unofficial returns in contested races for Union County offices. See pages at end of summary for complete details of ALL RACES on the Union County ballot.

Democratic Primary:

 Sheriff Race :
Edwards    4187….70.09% (Winner)
Wilhite       1768….29.59%

Superintendent of Education  There will be a run-off between incumbent Basil and challenger Hartfield.
Basil           1918….46.42%
Hartfield    1172….28.36%

District 1 Supervisor (top 2) There will be a run-off in this race.
Evan Denton   252…..19.18%
Bill Hancock    246…..18.72%

District 2 Supervisor (top 2)
Chad Coffey                                    988….60.13% (Winner)
Jimmy Yarbrough (incumbent)  439….26.72%

District 3 Supervisor (top 2) There will be a run-off in this race.
David Kitchens      333….26.92%
C. J. Bright              212….17.14%

District 5 Supervisor (top 2) There will be a run-off in this race.

Stevey Watson     369….31.01%

Bobby Roberts     308….25.88%

Justice Court Judge East Post There will be a run-off in this race.

Bruno Garrison    1191….47.43%

Jimmy Witten        742….29.55%

Constable West Post  There will be a run-off in this race.

Ronnie Goudy     1607….45.15%

Greg Galloway      995…..27.96%

Republican Primary:

District 1 Supervisor

Marshall McLaughlin   54….50.47% (Winner)

Coy Fitts                           48….44.86%

District 2 Supervisor

Bo Dillard           73….57.48% (Winner)

Barry Harrison  48….37.8%

District 3 Supervisor There will be a run-off in this race.

Michael Moody    200….46.30%

David Kent             93….21.53%

District 5 Supervisor

Caleb Chandler     156….71.89% (Winner)

Joe Reed                 50….23.04%

Justice Court Judge West Post

Andy Howard        261….56.25% (Winner)

Robert Sheppard  195….42.03%



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