Walls campaigns in New Albany for MS Senate seat

New Albany MS Walls for Senate primary run-off
Kevin Walls is out meeting the voters in his campaign for the District 3 MS Senate seat.
August 15th, 2019     Government & Politics

Kevin Walls was seen in recent days out and about in New Albany following the August 6th primaries.  He will be in the Republican run-off election for the District 3 Mississippi Senate seat. New Albany has been a key battleground area for all of the candidates following the qualifying deadline for the District 3 seat.

When asked about New Albany’s place in his campaign, Kevin said: “New Albany is in a prime position to continue its trend of positive growth. If elected, I hope to be able to continue attending city planning meetings and offering my cooperation.” The August 27th Republican runoff election is just short of two weeks away. New Albany will play a heavy role in deciding who becomes the Republican nominee for this seat. “We’re really out here working to let people know that the interests of New Albany would be in my own interest as their State Senator. I am running to represent everybody,” he further stated.

It seems that turnout has been the key indicator for any campaign attempting to gauge performance in a runoff. With a Gubernatorial, Attorney General, and Northern District Transportation Commissioner runoff also on the ballot, there is a lot at stake for voters to consider re-casting their ballots in two weeks.

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