Well, New Albany is not the worst place to get stuck…but

April 20th, 2016     Opinion

An Australian tour group  heading to the museum for the afternoon are shown
having to push their bus  in downtown New Albany.

Because of the parking in the middle of the street, it was impossible for the bus to make a wide enough turn to enter the street correctly, so they got a wheel stuck…and had to push.

Happily, the Aussies were successful, but we doubt it is too good an idea for tourists to be having to push their buses through our streets.

We are reminded of William Faulkner’s character, Boon Hoggenbeck, who had to employ mules to get him back on the road to Memphis in Faulkner’s novel, The Reivers.

But Boon was on the roads about 1905, and this is 2016 in New Albany, where parking in the middle of the street is illegal.

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From the Community

I, for one, love the uniqueness of New Albany that has parking in the middle of the street. It’s wide enough to allow that easily and fulfills a critical need for additional parking mid town. It’s never been a problem, never been an issue, except for newcomers who don’t understand that it works very well and, again, is a thing that is unique.

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