CDC confirms deadly bacteria in recalled Walmart home spray – National & International News – FRI 29Oct2021

The CDC has confirmed that these aromatherapy home sprays sold at Wal-Mart contain a potentially deadly bacteria. Officials warn customers that the sprays should be safely returned to Wal-Mart rather than poured out or trashed.



CDC confirms deadly bacteria in Walmart home spray. Flight attendant punched by passenger in mask dispute. U.S. calls for Myanmar torture probe. 




CDC confirms deadly bacteria in recalled Walmart home spray

The CDC has confirmed the presence of the deadly bacteria Burkholderia pseudomallei in bottles of aromatherapy home sprays sold by Walmart. Burkholderia pseudomallei can cause melioidosis, a bacterial infection with symptoms that can mimic those of the flu or a cold virus. The sprays have been linked to several infections and at least two deaths in the U.S. 

Walmart has sold about 3,900 bottles of Better Homes and Gardens brand Essential Oil Infused Aromatherapy Room Spray with Gemstones. It comes in six different scents, all of which are potentially contaminated with the bacteria. 

Typically, there are only about a dozen cases of melioidosis. It is more common in parts of Asia and Australia, as well as occasionally in Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico where the bacteria naturally occurs in the soil. The Better Homes and Gardens spray is manufactured in India. 

The CDC urged caution in handling and disposal of the sprays and warned customers not to pour the contents of the bottles drown drains or throwing the bottles in the trash. This could lead to local contamination of soil and water with the bacteria. Instead, customers should wear gloves and double bag the bottles in clear zip-top bags. Customers can then take the bottles back to Walmart in a cardboard box to claim a $20 Walmart gift card.  

Any fabrics or surfaces that have been sprayed in the home should be thoroughly washed.

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American Airlines CEO says “This must stop” after flight attendant punched

On Wednesday this week, an American Airlines light from New York to Santa Ana, CA, made an emergency diversion to Denver, CO, after a male business class passenger punched a female flight attendant. Other passengers said the altercation started when the flight attendant asked the man to wear a mask.

The day after the incident, the airline’s CEO Doug Parker issued a public statement. Parker said the airline had permanently banned the assailant from flying with them again. But Parker said this wasn’t enough and called for harsher criminal prosecutions for unruly airline passengers.

Since Biden tasked the Justice Department with tackling the issue, there have been at least 4,941 reports of incidents with unruly airline passenger incidents. Of those, 3,580 began with disputes over masking regulations.

Back in September, Delta Airlines called on other domestic carriers to share their lists of unruly passengers to create an industry wide “no fly” list. Delta said it had banned 1,600 passengers from using its airline. But, they said, that does little good if the unruly passengers can just use another airline.

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U.S. calls for investigation into brutal torture by Myanmar’s junta

The U.S. State Department is calling for a “credible” investigation into reports of systematic torture of detainees by Myanmar’s military junta. The junta have been in power since deposing the democratically-elected government on Feb. 1 this year. Since then, military police have detained at least 9,000 dissidents and political activists. An unknown number have died in police custody.

The State Department’s comments followed the release of a report from the Associated Press, detailing widespread torture of detainees, including women and children. The report cited testimony from former detainees and recent military defectors. You can see the full report here, but it contains photos that are not for the faint of heart.

There’s currently a push in Congress to impose harsher sanctions on Myanmar in response to violence against detainees and deadly suppression of street protests.

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