FBI: No charges recommended against White in Ole Miss arrest incident

December 9th, 2015     General News

The FBI says blows struck during an arrest at an Ole Miss football game will result in no action against New Albany policeman Brock White.

Tony Farese, an attorney for White say he has been informed that the FBI will recommend no action against White related to an incident during which White struck Ole Miss fan Chris Barnes at a Nov. 21 football game in Oxford.

White, who was not on duty at the time with the New Albany Police Department, was employed as a security officer at that game by the University of Mississippi police department. A video recorded with a cell phone appeared to show White striking Barnes during a confrontation near the end of the game. Barnes’s wife posted the video on the social media website Facebook, and she also posted a photograph of Barnes with what appeared to be serious injuries to his face. She alleged that the injuries resulted from blows struck by White.

The Old Miss police department asked the FBI to investigate the incident, and New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson placed White on administrative leave with pay while the investigation was underway. Robertson has told NAnewsweb.com that he now expects White to be returned to active duty soon.

Robertson said all Mississippi municipal peace officers are required to complete at least 24 hours of continuing education (CE) each year. “All of us at the New Albany police department will have the opportunity to  review proper procedures for confrontations with aggressive individuals during CE training,” Robertson said.

Regarding the injuries sustained by Barnes, Tony Farese said, “Additionally, my investigation revealed that Mr. Barnes sustained his injuries from an altercation inside the Lafayette County Detention Center and not from Officer White.”

More than two weeks ago NAnewsweb.com was first to report that Barnes likely received his more serious injuries while he was in jail, not at the football stadium during the confrontation with White and other officers. (see link: http://nanewsweb.com/ole-miss-fan-chris-barnes-which-injuries-occurred-where-and-when/)

Charges have been filed against Barnes, including felony assault, public intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

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