“Goodness snakes alive!”

April 7th, 2016     Occupations

This is an unusual use of New Albany’s Park-Along-the River…or maybe it isn’t.

Von Echols, formerly of Blue Mountain and now living in Ripley, and Zykielez Triplett, of Blue Mountain, were “walking” their snakes in the Park-Along-the-River on Thursday afternoon, April 7th. Word is that they do this for their snakes about once a month.

Local snake fans in New Albany marvel at their good luck in being in Park-Along-the-River today.

Local snake fans in New Albany marvel at their good luck in being at Park-Along-the-River today.

Echols was holding and exhibiting a 200 pound Reticulated Python, which is widely regarded as the world’s longest snake, and about the fourth heaviest snake when full-grown. This snake can grow over 30 feet long and have been weighed in a 350 pounds.

Triplett was holding the “small” snake, a Burmese Python, weighing in at a mere 70 pounds. The Burmese Python is one of the five largest snake world-wide, known to grow to a length of 0ver 18 feet.

Echols says that he has been raising snakes since he was about four years old, and that he “trains them himself.” (No information on what a snake can be trained to do.)

Echols sells the snakes through Three Point Exotics. Get ’em while they last!

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