“Healing Our Mississippi” Tour, October 12

New Albany MS James Meredith, Healing Our Mississippi
Mr. James H. Meredith is scheduled to participate in an all-day program in New Albany, Saturday, Oct. 12th
October 8th, 2019     Happenings

Healing Our Mississippi

By Roslynn Clark


In 1962 James Howard Meredith became the first African-American student admitted to the University of Mississippi. In October of 2018 Mr. Meredith was inducted in the University of Mississippi’s Hall of Fame.

Roslynn Clark is a graduate of Northeast Mississippi Community College with a 1987 Associate Degree Nursing.

Clark was a traveling nurse for over twenty years and now lives in Baldwyn. Jean Ashcraft is the owner of Hill Country Network in New Albany. Clark talks about How “Healing Our Mississippi” came to be, and how she and Jean Ashcraft, co-founder of the “Healing Our Mississippi” met.

“We met as destiny planned,” Clark says. “After being a traveling nurse for almost twenty years and serving as a Captain in the Reserve Army Nurse Corp, I was encouraged to return home to Mississippi. Jean and I share a love for Mississippi and the joy that comes with having “Southern Hospitality.

‘We met at The Oxford Film as I was debuting my music video, “Going To Mississippi” featuring The Mosley & Johnson Band of New Albany. We met again as I arrived at Hill Country Network to do a Mississippi author Interview with Patricia Neely-Dorsey, the host for Meet My Mississippi Authors and Artists Show produced by HCN.

“While at the studio, I talked about my next film featuring James Meredith and the fact that he is still vibrant, loves our Mississippi and is anxious to finish what the good Lord had planned for him to do: help heal Mississippi. Moving forward and educating, not just on racial levels, but on all levels of understanding, of loving each other and generating peace and harmony through education, raising awareness…starting with the children.

“Think about the children who are growing up hearing stories that may or may not be true. Let them hear it from the man who was there. Let them meet a man who grew in power from the strength of his convictions, who led the way for millions to see this world from a different perspective. We have been told that history is not necessarily what was, but is what has been written.

“James Meredith, an icon, will be on a tour starting in New Albany Mississippi on October 12. He is on a mission to shine a light on the good and well being of our great state and as a new beginning for the world. He says if we can cure the racial disturbance in north Mississippi, we are setting an example for the world through love and understanding, raising awareness, moving forward through education.

“As you can imagine, after that, things took off!”

Healing Our Mississippi is a campaign which begins with an all day event geared toward bringing healing from past pain—moving forward to a brighter future.”

“Most Mississippians have grown tired of being considered number one in all of the bad things and number 50 in all the good things when discussing the Census Bureau Report and the image portrayed. October 12 is kickoff!

“We will address physical as well as mental and spiritual solutions toward empowering our state, healing whatever we find as we take the lead in ‘Healing Our Nation’ through education, which decreases fear caused by the unknown.”

At 9:00 am a Health Fair hosted by the Eliza Pillar Registered Nurses of Mississippi kicks off the healing process.

At 10:30 am, Mr. James Meredith hangs out with students speaking, answering questions and taking selfies.

At 11:00 am, Mississippi authors and artists display their books and artwork to tell the truth of our culture through local talent pouring out their hearts on paper and canvas, showing the world the heart and soul of Mississippi’s hill country, delta and costal piney country. Our cultural picture story. Moving forward and educating with unveiled truth.

At 1:00 pm, Dr Joe Edd Morris, Psychologist/Tupelo will present thoughts to assist the healing process psychologically speaking, that is.

At 4:00 pm, a VIP Package/Meet and Greet with Mr. Meredith begins in The Magnolia Room and lasts until 5:30 pm.

This event is hosted by Roslynn Clark. VIP package: $50 Donation. VIP package includes a ticket to the 6 PM show, light refreshments, fellowship, book signings and Video/copy of the New Albany Civic Center Debut of Roslynn Clark’s documentary “Rough Cut James Meredith begins his Journey in Northeast Mississippi” includes a DVD.

At 6:00 pm, The James Meredith & Roslynn Clark Show opens dialogue on Wounds & The Wound Healing process with panelists from different walks of life.

-Dr Jennifer Carroll Psychologist/Saltillo
-President/Coach Ricky Ford/Northeast Mississippi Community College Booneville.
Offering insight to our healing process.
-Minister Patricia Powell/Mentor/Community Servant, Mt Zion Community Church, Guntown
-Minister Alice Fay Smith/Temple of Compassion & Deliverance Tupelo
-Pastor Jimmie Haley/Love Alive Christian Center & Kingdom Universities & Bible School, Guntown.

Our panel discussion is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory and how we can use this theory to diagnose the major needs of Mississippians. We will look for ways to enhance the relationships within our state since we know that “Charity begins at home and is spread abroad”.

The James Meredith & Roslynn Clark Show.
“Music soothes the savage beast”
We will have a live band and wonderful fellowship during this event, We understand that wounds require cleansing to heal; we have accepted the charge to assist in the healing process.

–Roslynn Clark, Co-Chair Healing Our Mississippi everyone HOMe       roslynnnavaclark@yahoo.com


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