House sends Reeves letter requesting assurance that MDES funds only go to legitimate claims

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MS House of Representatives
May 22nd, 2021     Government & Politics


Attached is a copy of a letter sent to all House members and delivered to the Governor’s office on May 10th. This action was in response to complaints from many small businessmen about the workings of Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES). They want the governor to see that MDES is only awarding and continuing unemployment benefits for legitimate claims.

In response, Reeves has announced that “Mississippi will be opting out of the additional federal unemployment benefits as early as federal law allows – June 12, 2021.”

One would hope that Reeves’ response does not mean there are no additional plans to see that the rules for collecting Mississippi unemployment dollars are enforced by his MDES.


Letter from the MS House to Governor Tate Reeves

NEMiss.News MS Rep. Sam Creekmore

MS Rep. Sam Creekmore, District 14

To all House members,

Like you, we have received numerous calls from business owners expressing frustration over not being able to hire employees.  This letter calls upon the Governor to take action to ensure that those who have legitimate unemployment claims are the only ones who receive unemployment benefits.  We ask him to make sure the MDES prevents fraud from taking place.

Creekmore: Letter to governor re MDES


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