J. Lynn West joins NAnewsweb.com

New Albany MS West joins NAnewsweb.com
J. Lynn West
November 4th, 2019     General News

J. Lynn West has been named editor of New Albany’s NAnewsweb.com online news site.

West recently resigned from The New Albany Gazette, with more than 40 years’ experience in providing news for the Union County community. He has served as editor and in other positions for the New Albany Gazette and New Albany News-Exchange.

West said, “Focusing on electronic, rather than print media, will be both challenging and exciting for an old newspaperman. But that is the direction in which technology is taking news.”

He also said he believes in the importance to a community of having a locally-owned and locally-run, reliable news source, such as NAnewsweb.com. The news site is suited to meet the present and future  interests and needs of the community.

West’s appointment as editor was effective November 1, 2019.

We are delighted to have Lynn West join us at NAnewsweb.com,” said Jerry Shiverdecker, who with his wife Nan is co-developer of NAnewsweb.com. “Most will agree that he is THE news reporter in Union County.

“In just under five years NAnewsweb.com has become the most read news source in New Albany and Union County. With Lynn aboard we look forward to expanding the depth and breadth of our news coverage and providing even better service to the community.

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From the Community

I have been gone from New Albany for more than 30 years now but I still love to hear about the goings on in my hometown. Funny thing is now most of the news that I can relate to are the death notices of many friends and the many memories that I have of my childhood and early adulthood. It is good to see Lynn West has not changed in the past 40 years if only we could all say that. Best of luck and I will keep reading!!

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