Magnolia Soap and Bath burglary suspect quickly arrested, has similar crime history

April 15th, 2021     Featured News General News

New Albany police were able to quickly solve the burglary of Magnolia Soap and Bath, 119 W. Bankhead St., early Thursday, in part because the suspect had committed a similarly bizarre crime earlier this year.

Suspect Eden Dye

Store employees found that someone had gotten into the store, which is the manufacturing location down the street from the retail store, over night. The person had apparently rambled around, spending time in the store, changing clothes and taking some employee clothes and small change. The suspect also found the keys to the store van, taking it after locking the store door behind her.

Although the investigation was in its early stages and no charges had been formally placed, it appeared the suspect somehow found a spare key store partially hidden and used it to get in. While in the store she found the van keys on the counter.

Upon examining video surveillance, officers determined the suspect appeared to be 18-year-old Eden Dye.

Earlier this year Dye was charged with commercial burglary after breaking into the pro shop at the tennis complex, where she spent several hours, rambling around, changing clothes and finally leaving, taking clothes and other items with her. In that incident, she was taken into custody later at Lifecore Health Group, which deals with behavioral health, addiction treatment and other services.

Thursday, officers were aware Dye was staying at a Reed Street apartment. They went to that address and found the Magnolia Soap van, which is clearly marked, parked there and took her into custody.

Officers have said that the suspect has a history of drug abuse, which partially accounts for her behavior.

This information is all preliminary in that the investigation was in its very early stages but officers were confident they have the correct suspect.

Confirmation and charges should be released later today.

The store van was found parked at the suspect’s apartment.

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