Mayor Kent vetoes the ordinance allowing medical marijuana

NEMiss.News New Albany Mayro Tim Kent


New Albany Mayor Tim Kent has vetoed the ordinance authorizing medical marijuana to be produced and sold in the city. The city Board of Aldermen had approved “opting in” to medical marijuana by a three-to-two vote on August 2.
Prior to delivering his veto letter to City Clerk Frankie Roberts, Kent sent the following text message to aldermen. It is reproduced here precisely, words and punctuation, as the text was written:
“After much thought and consideration and trying to find answers to questions that no one can answer, I fell at this time it’s is best for me to veto the vote of opting in is what is best for New Albany until we can get some questions answered, you should be receiving and email from city clerk of the letter that I handed to her. I am not saying that I disagree with the decision but there is to much uncertainty at this time. Thanks, Tim”
NEMiss.News Veto letter re: marijuana vote

Mayor Kent’s Letter of Veto of Medical Marijuana vote

A photo of the letter the mayor sent to the aldermen via the city clerk is here:

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