New Albany High School selects beauties

Pictured l-r: Beauty Katie Littlejohn; Beauty Maggie Scott; NAHS Most Beautiful Isabella Aldridge; Beauty Grade Wages; Beauty Peyton Henry.
December 9th, 2020     City schools

New Albany High School held its annual beauty review on December 5, 2020.  Isabella Aldridge was crowned NAHS Most Beautiful.  Beauties included Katie Littlejohn, Peyton Henry, Maggie Scott, and Grace Wages. Addison Mayo was crowned NAHS Jr Most Beautiful.  Jr. Beauties included Alea Hudson and Janea Hudson.  Addison Mayo won NAHS Most Photogenic and Leah Robbins was named NAHS Miss Congeniality.  The Parade of Beauties was sponsored by the New Albany Parent Association.

Pictured l-r: Jr. Beauty Janea Hudson; NAHS Jr. Most Beautiful Addison Mayo; Jr. Beauty Alea Hudson

Pictured l-r: NAHS Miss Congeniality Leah Robbins and NAHS Most Photogenic Addison Mayo

NAHS Most Beautiful Isabella Aldridge

NAHS Jr. Most Beautiful Addison Mayo

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