New Albany has had a LOT of rain lately

New Albany MS Rain is the name of the game
New Albany has received heavy amounts of rain in 2019.
May 12th, 2019     General News

Do you have the perception that the sky over New Albany often looks like rain lately? You are not alone, and you are correct.

2018 was a very “wet” year. So far, 2019 has seen much more precipitation than was averaged in the previous three years.

Long-time weather observer, Joe Wilson, says New Albany has had a lot of rain lately. Here are statistics Joe  provided to on Saturday May 11th:

Average rain fall (Past three years):

  • January      3.54 inches
  • February    7.43 inches
  • March        5.67 inches
  • April          3.30 inches
  • 4 month total = 19.94 inches

2019 Rain fall (January – April)

  • January      5.26 inches
  • February  16.67 inches
  • March        3.04 inches
  • April           9.72 inches
  • 4 month total = 34.69 inches

May:  three year average: 4.04 inches. May 2019 (so far) 4.17 inches.

Thanks for the information, Joe.




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